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Julia Pimsleur and her Masterclass were exactly what I was looking for. The guidance, workbooks, mentor sessions, etc., all helped me transition my business to the next level. I am now more focused than ever on the right strategy that will put my company one step closer towards achieving our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)!

– Jenna Guarneri, CEO of JMG Public Relations
Before Masterclass, there were many things I didn’t know that I didn’t know. The coursework gave me the information that helped me get Esthetic Solutions to the one million dollar mark!

– Emily Tryon, Esthetic Solutions
I now feel like I have a road map to follow as I scale my business! For me, one of the best parts was connecting with women in a variety of industries whose businesses are in different phases of growth. I’ve found we can all relate, trade ideas and help each other find solutions.

– Jaclyn Munzer, Founder and CEO of Tide and Pool
Taking Masterclass got me to work on my business in a way I know is going to help me grow faster and take shortcuts. I loved learning from Julia who makes even the tough topics seem doable, and meeting the incredible other women in the course. I recommend this class to women who want to go big and be part of a great community of women doing the same.

– Aranka vander Voorden, Founder and CEO of Jogha
Being part of the Million Dollar Women Masterclass community is what inspires me most.

– Angela Yeh, Founder and Chief Talent Strategist at Yeh IDeology
The business and financial mentors I had access to in Masterclass helped me take my finances and business strategy to whole new levels. 

– Jessica Robinson, Purepoint International
You came into my inbox at the perfect time! Our company was poised to go to the next level of growth, and Masterclass paved the way with a clear roadmap.

– Cali Williams Yost, Founder Flex+Strategy Corp
Masterclass was a game changer for me! The business teachings, coaching and amazing community of women have help me make more money, feel confident and reorganize my business to scale up.  

– Rachel Kovar, Founder and CEO of AccessMBS
Masterclass gave me a lot of confidence when scaling my business. It helped me break through $1 million in revenue, so one more down!

– Natalie Mackey, Founder and CEO of The Glow Concept
My biggest takeaway from Masterclass is that I now have a plan for where my business is now and where we need to go! I am focused on setting the strategy, hiring the right people and making sure there is money in the bank. 

– Nicole Scuderi, CEO of OCS Art Services
Masterclass was incredibly transformative - my business partner and I both benefited hugely. We productized our services, changed our entire business model and are now on fire growing the business! Thank you Julia!

– Shante Bacon, Founder 135th Street Agency
Since Masterclass, I have mapped out the key processes in my company & documenting everything. Now I can start thinking about building out my team & going big. 

– Viola Sutanto, Founder Maika Goods
I have a successful business and a positive perspective but still need support in staying financially on track. Julia was the woman I reached out to when I knew I was stuck. She was able to home in on where I needed to focus and help me move beyond what wasn't working with tangible tools and steps to do so. Julia is a permission-giving powerhouse for women owned businesses headed towards (and beyond) the million dollar mark. 

– Cindy Spiegel, Founder, The Collective (of Us)
Masterclass gave me invaluable support to help me ace my fundraising It was the best investment I ever made in myself and my business. 

– Emily McDonald, The Stylist LA
Masterclass helped me develop the tools necessary to scale my business - the module on delegating especially made an impact on me. I also enjoyed being part of a group of high-achieving women. 

– Marci Lobel-Esrig, Founder & General Counsel, SilverBills
If you're an entrepreneur looking to scale grab Julia Pimsleur's Masterclass and make her your fairy godmother. She really wants to get you to a million dollar business - and she gives you the readings, workbooks and hand-holding to get you there. 

– Lesley Seymour, Founder and CEO, Covey Club
Julia Pimsleur was the best thing to happen to me (and Team Lipstick) this last year. The amount of money making/business information that gushes from this woman is wildly impressive! And the way she keeps after you shows sincere commitment. 

– Laura Cozik, Founder and CEO of Team Lipstick
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